Interface ContentTypeItem

    • Method Detail

      • isProperty

        boolean isProperty()
        True if this item denotes a NodeType Property, false if denotes a NodeType Child
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      • isDerivedItem

        boolean isDerivedItem()
        True if there is no explicit ContentTypeItem definition backing this item but it only is derived from the underlying EffectiveNodeType Child or Property
      • getItemType

        String getItemType()
        Returns the type of this item, which may be a qualified name of a ContentType (Child) or an (enhanced variant) of a NodeType property type name.

        For a isDerivedItem() the value from getEffectiveType() will be returned.

        The type of this item, which may be a qualified Child ContentType or an (enhanced variant) of a NodeType property
      • getEffectiveNodeTypeItem

        EffectiveNodeTypeItem getEffectiveNodeTypeItem()
        The underlying EffectiveNodeTypeItem (Child or Property) for this item; in case of a isMultiTyped() returning only the first item definition
      • isMultiTyped

        boolean isMultiTyped()
        true if multiple EffectiveNodeTypeItem definition are allowed for this isDerivedItem()
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      • isPrimaryItem

        boolean isPrimaryItem()
        Primary items are for instance used in imagesets to define the cms preview resource. Since an imageset contains multiple images, one of them needs to be marked as the 'preview' variant.
        True if this item denotes the primary item
      • isOrdered

        boolean isOrdered()
        True if this item isMultiple() and supports ordering of its Property values or its same-name-sibling Child items.
        Note: while multi-value properties are (JCR) ordered by definition, this method provides editor support for ordering prototype values or child items (if any), and only for this specific child item while the JCR hasOrderableChildren definition on NodeType level concerns all its children.
      • getValidators

        List<String> getValidators()
        The list of validators for this item, may be empty but never null.
      • getItemProperties

        Map<String,​List<String>> getItemProperties()
        The immutable map of item type specific properties, keyed on property name. The property values may be empty, single or multi-valued but never null. The returned map itself may be empty but never null.