Interface EffectiveNodeTypes

  • public interface EffectiveNodeTypes
    An lightweight and immutable representation of the aggregated or effective JCR Repository NodeType definitions. If the model is still 'current' its version property can be compared against the current version provided by the ContentTypeService.
    • Method Detail

      • version

        long version()
        The immutable instance version which is automatically incremented for every new (changed) EffectiveNodeTypes instance created by the ContentTypeService
      • getType

        EffectiveNodeType getType​(String name)
        name - Qualified Name for a registered NodeType (see JCR-2.0
        The immutable and aggregated or effective NodeType definition representation
      • getTypesByPrefix

        SortedMap<String,​Set<EffectiveNodeType>> getTypesByPrefix()
        The immutable map of EffectiveNodeTypes grouped and sorted by their namespace prefix as key and their elements ordered (but not sorted) by their name