Class ExtensionRegistry

  • public class ExtensionRegistry
    extends Object
    Registry of Hippo CMS extensions provided via classloaders other than the main repository classloader. This is typically used to register HST site delivery code loaded via a separate WAR file.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExtensionRegistry

        public ExtensionRegistry()
    • Method Detail

      • unregister

        public static void unregister​(String hstRoot)
        Unregister extension
        hstRoot - the hst root to unregister
        IllegalStateException - if the extension has not been registered by its hst root
      • getExtension

        public static ExtensionEvent getExtension​(String hstRoot)
        hstRoot - The hst root for which of the extension
        the extension registered under the extension's hst root
      • getHstRoots

        public static Map<String,​ExtensionEvent> getHstRoots()
        unmodifiable map of all currently registered extensions mapped by their hst root