Package org.hippoecm.repository

This package provides a factory class to obtain access to a Hippo repository.


The Hippo repository is essentially a JSR-183 compliant Java Content Repository (JCR). In case of stand-alone applications or when no JNDI reference is available, the HippoRepositoryFactory has static methods to obtain a connection to a repsoitory. This is based on a URL, allowing you to start a new local repository, or connect remotely to an existing repository instance. The returned repository from this factory is an instance of HippoRepository which contains a few convience calls for transaction control and logging in. The actual JCR repository is returned using the call to HippoRepository.getRepository(). Whether you use the HippoRepository class iself or immediately get the javax.jcr.Repository class, you will find yourself with an authenticated javax.jcr.Session object.

You should however be aware that there are a number of extensions the Hippo Repository has on top of the JCR specification. Because these calls cannot be integrated into the JCR interfaces, you should be aware that the following extensions exist:

Any Node can also be cast to a HippoNode, which contains a number of extensions related to handling JCR nodes. A Session obtained by logging in can be cast to a HippoSession, containing exensions related to changes in a systemSession context. Finally, Workspace instances may be cast to the HippoWorkspace interface allowing access to some additional services such as the WorkflowManager.